Prototypes are an early visualization of a solution idea – whether as a click dummy, software-based, whether from paper or as a structured user interview. The key is that prototypes provide an opportunity to better understand needs and make decisions before you start. Only then do the product features come.

The results of prototypes and design sprints have a direct impact on later implementation. They help to make assumptions verifiable at an early stage and thus offer the cheapest option for planning security and risk control.

The advantages of prototyping and design sprints for you

  • Validate product ideas faster
  • Real improvements in a short time
  • Minimize risk
  • Save time and money
  • Get helpful feedback
  • Creative methods and: lots of

Our references and working examples

We want to inspire our customers in the long term with our work. For this, we rely on an inspiring environment that attracts interesting and competent people.

Our customers often face decisions about large investments. Responsibility for this is usually not easy. We have been supporting this for many years by developing software in an agile manner – and thus always being able to react flexibly in the interests of our customers. But: Risks can be minimized much earlier – even before the actual project starts. Read how it works here!

Most of us all think similarly: To solve complex tasks, you need complex products. However, it is often not necessary to go into the effort of complex product development to make success factors or critical points visible. Instead, it usually makes a lot more sense to divide the entire complexity of a project into clear task packages.

The good news is that this is possible even before complex software development actually starts, and above all, you can minimize risks right from the start. We help you with this.