About Us

As a Leading Software Development Company in the region, we have been consistently implementing various innovative and good methodologies over the last 7 years. This unconventional approach enables us to react flexibly and effectively as per the changing situation and customer requirements. In a late phase of product development, one can notice that users of the new application also want reports on their training progress that can be called up via a web browser.

No problem: Instead of rigid planning, the requirements can also be considered in a retrospective manner with an agile and flexible approach.

The advantage that our customers get: The advantage that our customers get is complete transparency and controllability. As a result of adopting an agile approach, even in complex projects, the risks involved can be reduced to a minimum level. Our methodological approach, competence and professionalism also ensure that we decisively meet our customer’s expectations and deadlines and that too within an affordable budget.

Why BlueVision? Because we make things better, simpler, more transparent and fairer. Because we believe that IT should make companies successful instead of slowing them down. It should enable teams to perform at their best and create an attractive working environment. That is why we rely on the most modern technological solutions combined with an innovative solution and service concept. We at BlueVision Softech have been offering professional IT services for businesses and individuals since 2018. Due to our location in India, we offer companies based here tailor-made IT solutions for every need. It doesn’t matter whether you are a creative freelancer with a notebook or a large company with hundreds of employees: With us as your service partner, your work will run smoothly. We are an experienced partner at the highest professional level with software and cloud solution.

Customer’s preferred choice since 2018:

BlueVision Softech Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 2018 by Shailendra Mahanande in Nagpur. Our company caters to customers of the region and elsewhere and gives the highest priority to customer satisfaction.

Skilled and expert team of 24 professionals:

We are proud of our diverse, skilled, talented and highly professional team. Get in touch with us soon.

Operations in 3 Countries:

We work with a large number of businesses just like yours. Get ready to go ahead and collaborate with us.

“Our team is driven by your decisive success. Every single day, we’ll support your business and help you to succeed in achieving your cherished goals.”

Our History
BlueVision Softech Private Limited was founded way back in 2018 with the aim of imparting great customer experience and achieving complex tasks in an easy fashion through the optimum use of technology. We have successfully catered to different businesses in the domestic as well as international arena.
What makes us significantly different from other software development companies?
From the technical viewpoint, we are able to implement software-based on user-specific requirements. But at the same time, we also connect with the users well and focus on meeting their actual needs. For example, we consider the training beginner as a prototype and thereafter employ methods such as design-oriented thinking to identify their actual requirements. This unique and user-friendly approach enables us to validate assumptions quickly and to receive extensive feedback with minimal effort.

Our Promise

As a prominent software and web development company we always strive to develop products to the best possible extent and focus on imparting better services than expected. All our previous clients have given us excellent ratings and feedback.